If you’re sick and tired of a Budweiser on the porch and looking for adventure around the city, here’s a list of some of the newest drinking spots in town.

Standby Detroit

With a mission to offer artful hospitality, creative cocktails and a dining experience to come back for, they put together the dream team, including “Joe Rob” behind the bar and Brendan Edwards in the kitchen. With nearly 50 cocktails to choose from, Joe created a menu that offers 10 modern classics from America’s best cocktail list, while concocting a monster list of his own creations.

225 Gratiot Avenue, Detroit / (313) 736-5533


They’re big and bold on cocktails and concoctions with a loud Facebook that lets you know exactly when you should be at their door because of a $5 strawberry infused vodka, mint and lemon punch. Want something harder? Their Gem of the Market’s full of Old Forester bourbon, green chartreuse, mint, lime juice and ginger. Gin drinks, rye drinks, vodka drinks…they’re stacked.

140 Cadillac Square, Detroit

TOWNHOUSE (bar or whiskey library)

Fancy your own personalized decanter filled with a special monthly barreled whiskey at your favorite bar? Townhouse is one of the only places that will do that for you AND with a smile. Their whiskey library is a personal space where some of America’s finest whiskies are stored. Killer cocktails are also mixed up at the round bar and you’ve got a variety of ways to sit- all the way outside, partially inside, at a sushi bar, at a round bar, all the way inside or in the library. Take your pick but make sure to reserve that pick before someone else does.

500 Woodward Avenue, Detroit


This dimly lit space that feels like your best friend’s living room has 80 plus whiskies, carefully chosen wines and every drink is made with quality in mind. Buffalo-infused bourbon makes up a daiquiri like you’ve never seen before and house-soaked bourbon cherries top off their take on classic beverages. They’ve got whiskey flights that take you across the world and they’ll talk your ear off about anything behind the bar if you want to hear.

608 Woodward Ave., Floor 2 (above Grand Trunk Pub)


The area’s first nano-brewery is a product of a Hatch Detroit business incubator win. The group of individuals promised to bring clean, small batch brews to the taste buds of residents and visitors alike. They’ve got Antwerp’s Placebo which is a dark Belgian ale, Handsome Stranger which is a hibiscus saison all floral and dry in nature. The team brews with local ingredients whenever they can and they make sure to whip up some seriously tongue twister-type names to make it all the more fun.

1400 Porter St., Detroit


Owners of Wright & Co. and Sugar House teamed up with MOCAD to bring the city an artfully delicious experience. Not sure what you want to try? Mention something to a bartender and they’ll take it away and come back with a wild and close-to-perfect creation. The bartenders are Sugar House-trained so you know it’s the real deal. There’s a rotating cocktail menu, beer, wine or coffee.

4454 Woodward Ave., Detroit (MOCAD)


This place was born out of lifelong friendships and a devotion to tomfoolery. The team behind Detroit City Distillery aimed to remind everyone of the low-key times of prohibition and the quality spirits that took shelter. They bottle their own spirits and syrups, offering Moscow Mules, lemonades with lavender, absinthe and their Two Faced Bourbon and Bloodline Whiskey. Shop Eastern Market or dodge it all together and duck in for some roaring fun.

2462 Riopelle St., Detroit


After rehab construction work and a whole swarm of ideas, the place decided they’d kick out cocktails, some with jalapeno, and shut down any non believers who said the curb appeal was no good. Try a Casa Louie (Casamigos Blanco, Green Chartreuse, jalapeno, and lemon) or the Transformer (Journeyman Gin, basil, cucumber, elderflower, and fresh lemon) and start believing.

30 Clifford St., Detroit


We all know this one SO WHY HAVEN’T YOU BEEN TO THE DETROIT ONE YET? The service is fast and accurate with text alerts, the taps are out of this world in number and they circle the bar. The art gives you something to marvel at on each wall and even on the walk to the bathroom. Choose from one of the 130 beers on tap. Or choose more than one. And then more than that.

4365 Woodward Ave., Detroit


Your favorite whiskies are reasonably priced here at a corner favorite and from the moment you walk in you feel like you’re at a lounge that still lets you watch the game on flat screen instead of talking about Hemingway. You can do that, too, if you want…but they keep it unpretentious. Guess what? They’re doing brunch now, too.

1456 Woodward Ave., Detroit


Looking for a true Detroit experience? International AND local electronic acts flow in and out of this basement party place while drinks are always pouring. The same team that owns Cornerstone takes responsibility for this place as well so you know it’s bound to be a good time.

1456 Woodward Ave. (below Cornerstone), Detroit

Erica N. Rakowicz/After 5



Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or will drink anything that will keep you awake for a few more hours, these top coffee shops in Detroit are helping to keep us all a little more caffeinated!

Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters

The Albert, in Capitol Park, has recently gained a Rochester favorite, Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters. The new spot for coffee and sweets recently opened after a few soft openings Thanksgiving week and plans to be the pick-me-up the area needs for every caffeine dream you may have.

1220 Griswold, Detroit / (313) 338-3515

Roasting Plant, 660 Woodward Ave., Detroit, roastingplant.com

Heard of a javabot? The Roasting Plant lets you pick your favorite coffee bean and shoots them through a tube so your coffee is as fresh and personalized as can be. Also, they’re downtown shop offers a killer view of Campus Martius and is right next door to Central Kitchen + Bar for when you get hungry. Oh…and don’t forget a cookie dough shot…just trust us!

Urban Bean Co., 200 Grand River Ave., Detroit, urbanbeanco.com
As one of the coolest looking stops in Detroit, just look for the orange on the corner of Grand River and Griswold in the heart of Capitol Park. With a DJ booth upstairs, you can get your Dutch Girl Donuts in the morning and caffeine to keep it going on night.

Red Hook, 220 W. Nine Mile Road, Ferndale, theredhookdetroit.com
Red Hook Detroit is a marriage of New York, art and Stumptown Coffee. Latte art is serious here and the pastry case makes you want one of everything. On the tree lined street of Agnes in the heart of West Village, this truly feels like your favorite neighborhood stop.

Astro Coffee, 2124 Michigan Ave., Detroit, astrodetroit.com
Simply put, there is no better egg sandwich in Detroit than here at Astro Coffee! The pastry case is strong, with all natural baked goods, frittatas and breads. Coffee here comes from roasters all over the country and change quite frequently so no one misses out on all the flavor to offer.

Café con Leche (Southwest and New Center), 4200 Vernor Highway, 2990 W. Grand Boulevard, Detroit, atcafeconleche.com
The story of these two shops come all the way from Spain and started with friendship. The owners married and moved to Detroit to bring the city a place to create community and enjoy Latin inspired coffee drinks. The newest location in New Center is right across from the Fisher Building and shares space with New Center Park, bringing great coffee and small menu items to the area.

Will Leather Goods, 4120 W. Second Ave., Detroit, willleathergoods.com
Will Leather Goods just opened up in Midtown to bring Detroiters leather goods from Oregon, but it also brings us caffeine! With the coffee bar inside crafted out of reclaimed city materials, you can sip and shop, or just grab your morning Joe on the way to work.

Great Lakes Coffee Roasting, 3965 Woodward Ave., Detroit, greatlakescoffee.com
Coffee, tea, granola, sandwiches, beer, wine…is there anything they don’t have for you here? The place hosts trivia nights, wine tastings and showcases different art throughout the year, creating a great place to meet, work or play!

Trinosophes, 1464 Gratiot Ave., Detroit, trinosophes.com
They’ve got brunch, entertainment, coffee roasted in Detroit and even an art gallery next door. Located on Gratiot Avenue in Eastern Market, it’s the perfect weekend stop for coffee or brunch!

Germack Coffee (in Eastern Market), 2517 Russell St., Detroit, germackcoffee.com
Stop in before the market or after because they’re there for it all. They sell tea, coffee, spices and more – and they roast what they sell, so everything is authentic to where we call home.

Coffee and (____), 14409 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit, facebook.com/coffeeandcoffeeshop
The once-pop-up-shop turned permanent and we couldn’t be more excited about the newest kid on the block! Cake, cookies, brunch, coffee, and…well, you have to come to find out the special of the day (hense the _ in their name), but be assured, they’ve got everything your sweet tooth could ever hope for.

Anthology Coffee (inside Ponyride), 1401 Vermont St., Detroit, anthologycoffee.com
This small space packs a punch with a cool interior made of tasteful wood and creativity. The pour over coffee is something to write home about, too, as the choices make you want to try each offering. Stop by and chat over coffee or take it to go on your way to work.

Fourteen East (in the Park Shelton building), 15 E. Kirby St., Detroit, 14eastcafe.com
Their pumpkin spice latte kicks basic in the pants, since they use real pumpkin puree and spices – nothing with preservatives! Their coffee makes for a wonderful energy boost before a trip to the DIA or a shopping trip at Frida or The Peacock Room.

Rowland Café (in The Guardian Building), 500 Griswold St., Detroit, therowlandcafe.com
The Rowland Café is part of the 2005 architectural revival of the city inside of the famously beautiful Guardian Building. The view of the promenade part of the building is something to be marveled at over Italian coffee and espresso. Try something from the bakery that they hand dipped in chocolate while you’re at it.

Erica N. Rakowicz/After 5


Detroit’s own Laurie Underwood flaunted her roots on this past season of Project Runway, aired this past August.

Underwood graduated from Cass Technical High School in Midtown in 2003 and studied fashion illustration and design.

“That is definitely one of my proud attributes of who I am. I am a proud alumni,” she said.

Underwood has since moved to Chicago and that’s where she’s been for the past 10 years, working on her brand, marketing and raising her six-year-old daughter.

Wanda Grace, Underwood’s brand, got its name by way of confident creative collision.

“My middle name is Wanda. I never liked the name and I wanted a line that said Laurie Underwood without saying Laurie Underwood,” she said.

She decided to create her brand around the middle name she came to appreciate and another word she could describe herself and her brand embodiment by.

“Wanda is your edgy, stand-out while your Grace is your feminine, sophisticated fit-in,” said Underwood.

Underwood grew up in a single family home with two sisters and although her mom had her hands full and a smaller wardrobe, her shoe collection racked up into the 100s.

One day Underwood’s mother came home with tickets for her and her sisters to go see the Ebony Fashion Fair and it was an experience that still sticks with her to this day.

“As much as everybody wants to have their own style, they all want to look the same way,” she said. “A lot of us are not standing out so much and that was the basis of my line.”

From visits to New York City, Detroit and Chicago and a general view of fashion in media, Underwood realized many people grab on tight to fashion trends and not so much style itself.

“Fashion to me is just an accessory of your style,” she said.

“As a designer, I want people to get excited about dressing up again.”

Underwood wants to generate clothing that encompasses more than style- she wants to give her women confidence and the drive to be bold and daring.

“You should let your style be an extension of yourself,” she said.

Throughout her time designing and working with her line, friends and family of Underwood would always tell her she should be on Project Runway.

Underwood would receive emails from their casting quite often but she always pushed it to the back of her mind because of everything else she had on her plate. Plus, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go the reality TV route.

Along with Underwood’s design business, she also had a corporate job as a marketing coordinator.

One day this year, Underwood was sitting at her desk and wondered what she was doing there. Designing was her true calling and she decided passion was more important than what she was doing.

“I have this passion and what’s the point of having a passion if you can’t do it?,” she said.

Project Runway Casting sent her another email and she responded without even thinking about it.

“I definitely believe in speaking power into your life,” she said.

Underwood was back visiting in Detroit this May and helps her mother market for her nonprofit teen organization here, Me, Myself & I, a teen girl’s seminar.

“I am so proud of what the city is doing and I am still proud to say I’m from Detroit,” she said.

“Detroit produced me.”

Learn more about Underwood’s brand, Wanda Grace, at www.wandagrace.com and tune into Lifetime on Aug. 6 at 8/9 c to follow Underwood on her reality TV journey on Season 14 of Project Runway.

Written by Erica N. Rakowicz / Photo credit: Facebook



Erin Gavle, a Detroit native and world traveler, opened Eldorado General Store in July 2014 and the plan to own her own vintage general store was a rediscovered dream.

The ancient idea of El Dorado represents the lost city of gold that people spend a lifetime seeking out and searching for. The store, located right smack in the middle of Corktown, holds trinkets, handcrafted accessories, vintage clothing for both men and women, and household treasures, all gathered by Gavle on her travels.

“Everyday I wake up I’m so grateful that I got this place and this neighborhood,” Gavle said.

Gavle grew up in Livonia and moved to Miami for advertising school after getting her bachelors from Michigan State University. She lived in New York City for about five years where she worked in corporate America and it didn’t seem to fit as well as she thought into her idea of happiness. She left to do some soul-searching on the West Coast and made some jewelry, did yoga and thought about what her next move would be.

A friend’s wedding brought her back to Detroit and during her trip she visited at the house she grew up in and looked through her old belongings. She found a list of ideas she had written when she was 17 and on it there was “open up a boutique by the time I’m 40.”

“I’ve always loved collecting old things and traveling and I combined the two and decided that’s what I wanted to do,” she said.

After staying three weeks later than the wedding trip had called for, Gavle really decided she was going to make her teenage ideas a serious reality.

Gavle rented a big van and made her way from Los Angeles to Detroit, picking up items for Eldorado along the way.

“It’s like a treasure hunt,” she said. “It’s the most unassuming places that have the best stuff.”

Picking Detroit as her place to set up shop was a no-brainer.

“There are a lot of eyes on Detroit globally,” said Gavle. “It’s interesting to see the curiosity.”

Gavle loves to learn about her customers and grow with what’s going on around her while remaining true to the quest for El Dorado.

“I think the lost city of gold is all around us.”

Visit the site at eldoradogeneralstore.com or stop in at 1700 Michigan Ave.



That burst of heavenly weather we had did more than lift our spirits: it lifted up the umbrellas and put the seats around the table at our favorite patios! Let the sun, cocktails and craft beer flow. It is officially spring time in the world of dining. Where’s your first stop?

The Alley DeckFINALLY! With the Garden Bowl and Populux below, this patio offers an unbelievable covered option to dine and drink in the heart of Midtown. Not sure what to do for the night? Take a seat on the deck and decide over a drink.

Bookies Bar & GrilleYour game day stop can transform to your all-the-time stop with their three levels of seating, including the patio that overlooks it all. So come on by and drink up!

The Bronx BarReasonably priced beers and standard cocktails make this small, but mighty patio always packed. Take a break from your round of pool inside and take in Cass Ave. from the patio.

Detroit Beer CompanyJust steps from Comerica Park, Detroit Brewing Company is the perfect place for a pre-or-post-game beer on the patio. With a broad selection of American cuisine and their own beer on tap, this is the perfect place to kick back and relax with friends.

Fountain BistroLocated in the heart of Detroit’s Campus Martius, Fountain Bistro offers a delicious menu that can be enjoyed on their extensive patio. If you’re looking for good food and a central location, this is the bistro for you!

Gold Cash GoldThere are no frills at Gold Cash Gold, where the food is prepared country-style, with a city feel. If you’re looking for a homey dinining experience outdoors, head to the back of GCG for picnic tables in the heart of Corktown.

Grand Trunk PubBuilt in the 1800’s, Grand Trunk’s venue has a rich history accompanied by a lengthy drink menu. This is the perfect place to enjoy Detroit’s rich history while enjoying some good drinks al fresco.

Green Dot StablesWe know the sliders kept you warm and full all winter long, so why not thank Green Dot for getting you through the gray? Pay the patio a visit and grab a beer and some of those cool cucumber slices to tide you over until you’re ready to take down some sliders.

HopcatA perfectly excessive amount of beer taps and fresh air come together to celebrate Hopcat’s first summer in Detroit, so don’t miss a trip to their patio on the upper deck level!

Jolly PumpkinA few outdoor picnic tables make Jolly Pumpkin’s patio hard to get, but it is worth the wait to enjoy your pizza and beer with a view of Shinola, Nest and the hustle and bustle of Cass Avenue.

Le Petit ZincIf you’re looking for some authentic French food with a quaint ambiance, Le Petit Zinc is the perfect place. Beautiful garden dining will make you forget you’re actually in the motor city, and just for a moment take you to Paris.

Los GalanesIt’s something like Detroit’s Margaritaville, but with a load of authenticity at Los Galanes and the margarita’s taste even better when you’re under the patio lights outside.

McShane’s Irish Pub & WhiskeyOur city likes its history and McShane’s is right across the street from the famous old Tiger Stadium. So grab a good drink and a new friend and bask in the warm air outside.

Mercury Burger BarThese burgers and boozy milkshakes did you right in the cold and now you can take ‘em on out to the patio. Soak in view of the Train Depot, as you escape the hustle of Michigan Avenue in this secluded patio!

Motor City BrewingThis is right smack dab in the middle of what’s coming up in the city’s beer corridor. The pizza and the celebration of 20 years of pure dedication to delight is enough reason to visit the patio.

Nancy WhiskeyMore whiskey means more parties and Nancy Whiskey is a Corktown favorite. The old yard behind the bar hosts some of the most classic and friendly parties you’ll ever attend.

The Old MiamiWith its large backyard and open sun space, The Old Miami makes for a relaxed stop on your bar crawl. It’s also a Detroit staple so do your bar night right and come chill in Detroit’s backyard bar.

The Old ShillelaghYou may have stumbled into one of the city’s best Irish pubs on St. Patrick’s Day but did you think about the fact that they have a rooftop hangout spot? Come refresh your memory.

Ottava ViaOttava Via is the perfect place to have a little taste of Italy while enjoying the patio view. Best part of all, they have bocce ball courts in the back – so get there early and reserve a court for some fun, games and great food.

PJ’s Lager HouseIf you’re looking for a low-key night right in the heart of everything Detroit, head to PJ’s and grab a beer or two on the outside patio. Check out what live talent is headed our way here.

Selden StandardFocused on serving fresh, local foods, Selden Standard aims to offer guests a fun experience to share with family and friends. And as one of the most awarded restaurants in the city, the new addition of the patio means more seats for us all to enjoy!

SevaWhether you’re a vegetarian or not, you can still appreciate Seva’s gorgeous patio, delicious foods and specialty cocktails. They also do a killer brunch.

SLOWS BAR BQWhat is better than beer and BBQ? A Detroit staple, SLOWS is known for it’s fantastic food, that you can now enjoy on their patio, as well.

Small PlatesIf your group is split on what they want for dinner, Small plates is the perfect place, producing a diverse menu with cuisines and drinks from all of the world that is perfect for sharing out on their patio.

Traffic Jam & SnugWhile you’re perusing all that West Canfield has to offer, stop over for classically good eats and even better drinks at Traffic Jam & Snug’s patio spot while the sun is shining.

UFO FactoryThat alien sign means something larger than life at UFO Factory. The outdoor space allows for a massive party and an out-of-this-world time to kick back and relax.

Vincente’sIf you’re looking to add some Cuban spice to your life, Vincente’s is the place to do it! They pride themselves on the authenticity of the food and cocktail menu.

The WhitneyCelebrating a special occasion? Or just looking for a nice and different dining experience? The Whitney Garden offers a romantic and whimsical ambiance, often times with live music. Here you’ve got history and delicious delicacies with a gorgeous setting.

24grilleSelf-titled as “Detroit’s Premier Social Spot,” 24grille has a lengthy wine list and a delicious menu. Open late on the weekends, this is the perfect spot downtown to socalize outside.

Already in the suburbs? Here are our picks in Royal Oak:

Bastone BreweryPeep down Main Street with this spot while you indulge in some of Michigan’s finest beers and bites.

Monk Beer BarMonk Beer Abbey has a new patio and it seats about 30 people. The brewery focuses on the brew history of Belgium’s monasteries as well as the Monks who invented the styles and taste the all new food menu!

VinoteccaThis one is exclusive with only three tables available on the patio. Plan ahead, folks…especially if you want to taste that chicken and chorizo pizza, which we know you do.

Erica N. Rakowicz/After 5



Shepard Fairey, a world famous American contemporary street artist, plans to bring his ideas to the streets of Detroit over the course of several weeks, both in larger-than-life mural form and exhibition form. Fairey is wildly known for his 2008 mural piece of Obama titled “Hope.”

His largest mural to date is set to grace the Gratiot Avenue and Farmer Street side of One Campus Martius and will appear over the course of weeks.

In addition to this giant scale 184 x 60 design, Fairey has another mural on his list of things to do, which is now available to view in the art-stuffed alley, The Belt. The Belt is the brilliant art space around The Z parking structure and connects Grand River and Gratiot between Broadway and Library with an alley full of paintings, graffiti art, sculptures, and benches.

Thanks to Bedrock Real Estate Services and Library Street Collective, who teamed up to bring Fairey to the city, will host a fun few weeks of projects, shows and long lasting art in Detroit.

“We are honored to bring this exhibition to Detroit and also provide a public platform for him to create while in our great city,” said Anthony Curis, partner at Library Street Collective.

As if the mural plans weren’t enough to dress up Detroit, Fairey’s work will stay put in a solo exhibition at Library Street Collective titledPrinted Matters. This will be open to the public starting Friday, May 22 and running through the summer until Saturday, August 15. The space behind the gallery, The Belt, will feature newly created large-scale paintings done by Fairey in part of a rotating outdoor exhibition called Public Matter.

The Belt is slated to hold an opening reception for Fairey’s work, featuring food trucks, including El Guapo, Chicken & Waffles and Pizzaria Biga, as well as live music by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., and Shepard Fairey himself on the turn tables. Fairey’s talents don’t stop at his artwork either, so he’ll be appearing as a DJ at the opening, which runs from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on debut night, May 22.

As a way to give back to the community and grow with it, Fairey plans to join together with students at Detroit Academy of Arts & Sciences and discuss their joint idea of artistic development and its importance to youth and education today.

The school’s dedication to Detroit art is bewildering and one of the ways they show it is by partnering with The Belt and by the end of Fairey’s show in Public Matter, one of his pieces will be donated and displayed at the school.

“Shepard Fairey’s work has had a cultural impact on the world,” said Curis.

Fairey’s work is part of the city’s plan to showcase one-of-a-kind works of art in an effort to diversify the space and bring life to art. Local and international artists have been making Detroit their own with help of Bedrock and Rock Ventures and their efforts.

Catch Fairey working on his One Campus Martius mural now until the May 22 opening of his work at The Belt and Library Street Collective.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Erica N. Rakowicz/After 5



Born and raised in the Detroit area, Nicole Aimee Schreiber is now one of six LA comics that Oxygen Media is following in their new series, “Funny Girls.”

This series takes audiences backstage at some of LA’s underground comedy clubs to show what goes into creating a standup performance. The women work day jobs to pay the bills while they hustle to get on an open mic at night, honing their sets and learning from comedy greats, said Rod Aissa, Executive Vice President of Original Programming and Development, Oxygen Media.

Two episodes in (series premiered on April 7th) and they’ve already got a hit. But what would you expect when you follow the personal and professional lives of six female comics trying to make their way up the comedy ladder. It’s an hour packed with one liners, stand-up shows and a comedy of errors associated with dating, working multiple jobs, and in Nicole’s case, “a life of constant disappointment to her overachieving Jewish mother.”

Despite her “Class Clown” award in High School, her path to comedy certainly wasn’t a straight line. With a degree from University of Michigan in pre-med and art history, followed by international sales in the fashion industry, everything looked so…stable.

But making jokes at the water cooler just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Who needs financial stability, when you can stand on a stage, make people laugh, chase the high and be absolutely inappropriate with no fear of losing your job.

Now she’s five years in and Oxygen is making it possible to laugh alongside her jokes every Tuesday night. However, she’s still considered a ‘baby’ in the comedy world, and as Nicole puts it, “I’m still learning to walk and shitting my pants a lot.”

And who wouldn’t be when you’re telling jokes on national TV. But it’s a good thing she’s got a full repertoire of jokes on her favorites subjects of sex, dating, farts, poop…and did I mention sex. And let’s just say, if you’ve ever been mean to her, there’s a joke in there somewhere about you too.

So now, other than the TV gig, she’s waitressing, nude modeling, basically anything short of prostitution (which she hasn’t ruled out yet either) to make it big in L.A. But she certainly seems on the right path in this hilarious new show, “Funny Girls.”

Don’t miss it, every Tuesday 9pm ET/PT on Oxygen Channel – 6 more episodes to go!  Click here to watch old episodes.

Photos from Facebook



Dirt Label, the “local brand with the international following,” is the next in a series of stores to pop up in downtown Detroit. With their flagship store having opened in Royal Oak last July, the brand is taking hold throughout the area. Celebrities seen sporting the Dirt Label include Sean Kingston, Lil Wayne, NBA player Andre Drummond, and our very own, Prince Fielder.

The brand originated in Detroit, and as its creators say is “naturally drawn to the city’s energy and culture.” The design of the new pop up shop takes inspiration from Detroit’s industrial origins, and is reflected in the use of wooden pallets as displays and an overall gritty, contemporary touch.

Launched in 2008, the Dirt Label is a contemporary men’s and women’s apparel, accessory and lifestyle brand. They’ve got it all – from t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts and jackets to shorts, fitted caps, snapback caps and iPhone cases.

The brand was founded and designed by Christen St. James Morris, and fuses fashion and art all in one. The Dirt Label’s pop up shop is open Fridays and Saturdays from 12 p.m. – 9 p.m. at 531 Monroe St. in Greektown.

The Dirt Label’s permanent location in Royal Oak is at 319 Washington Avenue, or online at thedirtlabel.com. Store hours are Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Sunday noon to 5 p.m. Find them on Facebook.

Photo Credit: Facebook & Mammoth Booth



Take a deep breath and let your senses be immersed in the extraordinary smells of Detroit Rose – a local candle company created by entrepreneur, Deirdre Skiles.

At first, Deidre made candles as a hobby as she lived throughout NYC and LA, but with the exciting transitions happening in Detroit, she moved back with the intention to pursue her passion and put her creative touch into making candles.

But these aren’t just your regular ole’ candles. Each one is carefully hand poured into mason jars and made with a different exotic soy wax and scent. They’re handcrafted candles that are not only beautiful in their simplicity, but are also long lasting and non-toxic. They burn for a lengthy 60-72 hours and are completely eco-friendly. They are also hand poured to order…but think about what scent you want, because she’s got plenty to choose from.

Sure, some of them are your standard scents – Vanilla, Lavender and Lemongrass – but she’ll also open your eyes to scents that you would have never thought about – like, Cedar, Pipe Tobacco and Leather.

With each candle comes another one of Deirdre’s passions, a passion for words and poetry, as each is sealed with a recyclable label featuring a poem or quote by some of the best writers and poets.

As you meet her selling her candles in Eastern Market every Saturday, you quickly realize how passionate and excited she is for you to enjoy the fruits of her labor. From bringing comfort in a home, to creating a relaxing space after a stressful day, Deidre’s candles are meant to enrich people’s lives.

She’s already been recognized by Shinola’s sister store, Willy’s, with candles on their shelves for sale.  As Detroit Rose continues to grow in Detroit, Deidre also hopes to have her candles take off in cities all over the country. But with Deidre’s passion of candle making and love of bringing people comfort, there’s no stopping the inevitable success of Detroit Rose.

Visit her on Facebook, or buy online at Etsy!

Written By: Madeline Doman / Photo Credit: Facebook



Imagine living in a perfect home that is not only comfortable, but also completely organized in a way that best suits your individual living space. A home that is organized and designed just for you!

If that gets you as excited as my Martha Stewart loving self, then let me introduce you to NEAT Method.

Developed by two entrepreneurs in the San Francisco area, Ashley Murphy and Molly Graves, were “determined to help people find a new appreciation for an organized life.”

According to their About Page, “The NEAT Method transforms a space from chaotic to COMPOSED for an array of clientele. From the clutter-prone Chanel hoarder to the meticulous, overbooked Bachelor, their clients have become addicted to the NEAT LIFE.”

And now this new service is here to make Metro Detroit more organized and…neat!

At the forefront is successful entrepreneur and professional organizer, Lauren Combs, who has lived in Michigan for 3 years and is fully committed to the success of NEAT’s newest expansion in the Metro Detroit area. She hopes to help each client according to their specific needs and wants, bringing calmness to people’s home by making each client happy and satisfied with their living space. Not only does Lauren transform homes, but she also teaches each client how to keep their home organized. She believes that it’s not just about organizing, it’s about teaching clients the methods to stay neat and organized after she leaves.

Now in their ninth city, NEAT continues to grow, but its value and honest method of service stays consistent. Lauren takes pride in organizing each living space and has a strong belief in building a trust with each client. And with all of NEAT’s tips and tricks, creating an organized home becomes a breeze – from organizing closets and kitchens, to unpacking boxes after a move and space planning.

So if you have a room…or a whole house that needs an organizers, designer or space planner, just call Lauren Combs our local Martha Stewart!

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Written By: Madeline Doman / Photo credit: Facebook