A5 Insider's Guide: Erin Gavle

A5 Insider’s Guide: Erin Gavle

Erin Gavle is the owner and creative inspiration behind Eldorado General Store in Corktown.

If you’ve been to Eldorado or follow the shop’s Instagram account you know the feeling of wanderlust Erin Gavle inspires and her knack for bohemian style. Over the last three years, Erin has created a portal to another world at her shop on the corner of Michigan Avenue & Cochrane Street. She collects treasures from across the country and sells her curated vintage finds at the General Store. Her signature style is unmistakable and you can find her design influence down the street at Takoi and Detroit Barbers. We asked Erin to help inspire us with some of her favorite places to eat, drink and play in Detroit.

EAT // Takoi (Corktown)

This is such a tough question because Detroit is full of amazing restaurants and bars – especially in Corktown. But if I had to list just one, I think Takoi is definitely one of my favorite places to grab a bite to eat or sip on a perfectly crafted cocktail. The space immediately enraptures you in an other-worldly way. The bright neon lights, the intensely flavorful and unique food, the dangerously delicious drinks.  It’s not just a restaurant, it’s an experience. I also had the opportunity to help create the Takoi altars with Eldorado trinkets and crystals, so it has an extra special place in my heart.

DRINK // Astro Coffee (Corktown)

Astro’s coffee is beyond amazing and their egg sammies are out of this world. You seriously can’t go wrong here. This place reminds me to slow down, sip on a coffee, and soak in the magic. Sitting in the front window and watching the daily happenings in Corktown is a treat. Astro actually sort of started it all for me – over 4 years ago I sat in Astro and knew this was the neighborhood that I would choose to call home and open a business. 

PLAY // Ride A Bike

I love riding my bike throughout Detroit – it’s such a bike-friendly city and so easy to get from one end of town to the other. It’s definitely a great day if I get to take my bike along the Riverwalk, through the Dequindre Cut past friends’ murals, and up to Eastern Market. Belle Isle is also a favorite escape. And nothing beats biking through North Corktown in the spring and summer when the fields are full of wildflowers and pheasants soaking up sunshine.

EXPERIENCE // Eldorado General Store (Corktown)

It sounds silly, but I honestly love being in my shop – Eldorado is my favorite place to experience Detroit. I get to meet so many interesting and inspiring people – some visitors from across the country and world, some neighbors, and some people from just 30 minutes away but maybe haven’t been to Detroit in a while.  I get to talk to them about why they’re visiting Detroit or what this city means to them. I think my favorite is learning through others what art galleries are doing, what events are happening, what new businesses are opening, etc. It’s a really amazing energy to be a part of.

To me, Detroit is a city of dreams. This city means so much to me – it’s a place where I was able to build and create my dream of owning a shop and participating in the inclusive Corktown community.  Detroit has given me a platform to engage, support and collaborate with so many inspiring people and makers. It’s a city where I can hone in on my passions of gathering people to share, learn, support, and grow. It’s been a place where I can provide experiences for people to say nice things about the city and the game-changing things happening here. And most importantly, it’s a place that provided me a platform to share my voice about what matters to me – shopping small, supporting local artists and artisans, providing fair trade products and encouraging conscious consumerism. 

– Erin Gavle


Photo credit: Brad Ziegler


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