A5 Insider's Guide: Jessica Hernandez

Taylor Bonin

A5 Insider’s Guide: Jessica Hernandez

Local musician and Southwest Detroit native Jessica Hernandez calls the shots in her sophomore album, “Telephone // Telefono”.

Jessica Hernandez is a second generation Cuban and Mexican-American and her family owns Detroit favorites, Armando’s and Mexicantown Bakery. Her band, the Deltas, recently released a full-length bilingual album “Telephone // Telefono” that explores her Hispanic heritage and she will be performing songs from the track at Friday’s Tree Lighting Ceremony at Campus Martius. Jessica and the Deltas tour the country and we asked where she loves to eat, drink and play when she’s home in Detroit.

EAT // Duly’s

My parents restaurant, Armando’s will always be the first spot I eat when I get home from a tour, but if I’m going for sentiment and craving, I’d have to say Duly’s. This place reminds me of my childhood. I remember walking there with my grandpa when I was little, getting a couple dozen coney dogs and taking them back to my grandparent’s house. My grandparents, my cousins and I would have a big coney lunch. It’s also one of the first places I took my husband on a date when he first started visiting Detroit back in 2010. 

DRINK // Cliff Bells + The Ghost Bar

I spend so much time at dive bars with crappy beer when I’m touring that I love getting dressed up and going out for a nice cocktail when I’m home. I usually pick Cliff Bells or The Ghost Bar at The Whitney for those fancy drinking date nights. 

PLAY // El Club

As of late I’d have to say El Club. The sound is good, I like the size of the room, and I’ve always had a good time whenever I’ve gone to check out bands there. 

EXPERIENCE // Campus Martius

When my husband is with me (he’s from California) I try and take him to spots that will make him fall in love with the city. I usually take him ice skating at Campus Martius in the in the winter and Belle Isle in the summer.

Detroit means family and tradition to me. One of my favorites memories is going to church with my grandma and great grandma on Sundays. My brother and I were alter servers at Saint Anne’s, and I remember we would always be late. My brother and I would have to go through the chapel to jump on the alter from the back and would make each other laugh throughout the whole service. After church my family would get fresh tamales from Nueva Leon and take them back to my grandparent’s house and spend the whole Sunday there together. 

Jessica Hernandez


Photo credit: Taylor Bonin


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