Amina Daniels is a Detroit native, turned New York City dweller, turned Hatch Detroit 2015 winner with the winning business conceptLive Cycle Delight.

Daniels knew she wanted to work in fitness and knew there was an opportunity for fitness in downtown Detroit.

A lot of Daniel’s friends participated in indoor cycling classes in New York City, but she preferred riding outside to the high priced and crowded cycling classes.

She moved back home after six years in New York City with the wheels turning about how to bring one-of-a-kind fitness idea to Detroit and take advantage of the positive change surrounding the area.

After being back home for about two months, Daniels was on one of her bike rides when she got hit by a vehicle outside of Whole Foods. The accident put her in a boot and on crutches multiple times, but the total experience biking in Detroit gave her a business idea.

Physical therapy limited Daniels’ exercising capabilities, which did not bode well with her as an athletic and always on-the-go person.

“The only thing that I could do was indoor cycling,” she said.

The indoor cycles at her physical therapy sessions helped keep her in shape and confident about her ability to gain strength back.

“It really helped me,” Daniels said.

While in therapy, Daniels met a lot of fellow-rehabbers who had health restrictions and maybe couldn’t lift weights or run outdoors, but could indoor cycle. She also noticed the growing biking population in the city, especially with the popularity of Slow Roll and organized rides, and her ideas starting falling together.

“So I’m thinking, I’m going to open a cycling studio,” Daniels said. And so, in between her surgeries, Daniels got certified for cycling and with the help of her physical therapist, she was on her way to regaining full strength back.

The cycle studio plan was to include a bike lounge and a juice bar, to turn cycling into a social place to visit and feel comfortable, healthy and happy. Daniels attended a retail boot camp where her concept was perfected, heard about Hatch Detroit and applied with a competitive nature and serious passion.

“I really wanted to roll out a place where outdoor riders could come in and relax,” Daniels said. 

Daniels was aware of other indoor cycling classes in the area, but none are directly in the city and she wanted her own take, so she asked herself, “How else can you still offer something that’s innovative and different?”

Once her Live Cycle Delight studio breaks ground, Daniels aims to offer a very social way to stay healthy and safe while exercising.

In the meantime, Live Cycle Delight organizes a neighborhood ride once a week with helmets mandatory.

“I’ve been doing social fitness outdoor rides so it’s still a way to connect with the community,” Daniels said.

Daniels is ultimately grateful and excited about her Hatch Detroit 2015 win.

“I knew I was up against really good businesses,” she said.

After multiple rounds of public voting and a final judged pitch, Daniels and her cycle studio concept won the $50,000 prize for Live Cycle Delight.

“A lot of people were just really excited about what I was trying to do.”

Visit livecycledelight.com and follow Live Cycle Delight on social media to stay up to date on progress and events.

Written by Erica N. Rakowicz / Photo Credit: Facebook


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