The guys behind some of the best dining and drinking spots in town – think Wright & Co., Sugar House, The Peterboro, Super Happy Sushi, and Honest John’s – are at it once again! The Detroit Optimist Society’s newest bar, Bad Luck, opens Thursday, December 8th in Capitol Park with drinks unlike any you’ll find in Detroit.

For starters, the place seats around 30 people and isn’t easy to spot from the street, which makes its exclusivity known and intriguing. The cocktail menu is heavy on creativity, experimenting with rare spirits to craft their currently 13 cocktails on the menu, all ranging in price from $18-80. Yes…we said $80!

Even though that range might make your jaw drop, you get what you pay for here. The $80 beverage is made with a rare vintage rum, the last ration to the British navy from the early 1970s that Bad Luck was only able to procure the actual original flagon of. The drink can be served as a neat pour, if that’s how you like your rare rum, or it can be served in their special daiquiri cocktail.

The head bartender and managing partner is Yani Frye, the former head bartender at Sugar House. So you can be sure that your cocktail will be artfully crafted in its own special glass, determined by the way each drink is made and what it is made of. 

Breakfast cereal-infused cream, Campari powder, baklava honey syrup and lavender pop rocks are some of the ingredients that take time, care and art to make and use with only top shelf liquors.

Bad Luck doesn’t take reservations, as seating is done on a call-ahead basis. The bar is open Thursday through Sunday from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. and it’s located in the alley behind The Albert and Detroit Bikes in Capitol Park.

Visit Bad Luck at 1218 Griswold and follow them on Facebook.

Photo credit: Detroit Optimist Society

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