Behind the Scenes with Marc Kinchen


Behind the Scenes with Marc Kinchen

Detroit native, Marc Kinchen is a DJ, record producer and remixer who’s discography includes over 500 titles. He’s at the Magic Stick Saturday, April 7th and we asked him about music and how it feels to be back in the D.

Do you miss Detroit?
Yes and no.  I miss my family and my memories of living there, but I live in LA now and the thought of a Detroit winter and snow sends chills through me 🙂

Do you still feel a connection to the city?
I totally feel a connection, I still have so many friends, family, and music friends that still live there.
Would you consider moving back?
Hmm.  I have thought about it and I am thinking about maybe getting a space here. The city is really magical now, so I wouldn’t rule it out. There is so much rebirth and creativity, it’s buzzing with energy. As long as I can be somewhere warm from Jan to April, i could think about it. I still love Detroit.
How has/does Detroit influence your music? 
Detroit has influenced my music for a very long time now. After all, i was so lucky to have grown up around Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins, Underground Resistance, Derrick May, Eddie Fowlkes, Carl Craig and Jeff Mills…..  something was bound to stick.   

Have you noticed a change in influence over the years?
I think the original sounds still do carry a lot of inspiration for the newer music since it’s where and how the Detroit genre was formed, but there is a more modern slant to it now.  Rhythms are always changing with the different sounds of dance and electronic music, and with the internet being such a big part of music now, the UK has a bigger influence than ever before everything is so accessible and immediate. 

Are there any local artists that you’re following?
I have been watching Golf Clap and really like them. Of course Dantiez Saunderson is coming up too.
What are you excited about (in Detroit, in life)?
I am really excited to play in Detroit again, I hardly get to do that since I have been out of the country on tour so much. So that makes me happy, I get to see my family, play a show and then get to go home to LA and sleep in my own bed for a few weeks as it’s been such a busy year. In life, I’m pretty excited that for the first time ever, my single “17” (not a remix, an MK original!) is top 10 in the UK Singles Charts 🙂

For new fans, what do they need to listen to know MK?
If I had to list a few, I would say the MK remix of “My Head is a Jungle,”  MK Remix III of “Storm Queen,” my records “Burning” and “Always”. Plus my recent single “Piece of Me” and the new one “17.”   Also check out “Push the Feelin On (The Dub of Doom)” by the Nightcrawlers.


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