Fashion is a form of self-expression for so many people and for Miriam Pranschke, smart fashion became a way of life and now, a business. Her store, Boro Resale, opens in Eastern Market on May 20.

I discovered self-expression through clothing in the 6th grade,” Pranschke said. “I am not claiming all this was good self-expression, but I found that I loved thrift store shopping for bizarre one-of-a-kind pieces, all for a great deal.”

During that 6th grade discovery,, Pranschke tried rubber boots a size too small, mismatched socks, striped boys t-shirts, paisley bandanas tied around her neck and pigtail messy buns. She’s moved far away from those tries and moved into more mature looks, while keeping her love for different and hand-picked pieces. Now, she’s sharing her curated resale store with the rest of Detroit.

Pranschke was inspired by a former boss who ran her own business in addition to her realization that thrifting didn’t have to be limited to Value World, Salvation Army and Goodwill. She was then introduced to the world of consignment- collections of higher quality and used clothing and accessory items in good condition.

After graduating college and moving back to Detroit, Pranschke found herself unable to shop as she wanted to in her own city.

“I started about 11 different notebooks for the various business thoughts, ideas and musings I had,” Pranschke said. Pranschke and her now husband moved to Portugal for four months and there, she decided on her business name, Boro. Boro is a Japanese term from the late 19th early 20th centuries, which was used to describe how rural peasants reused scraps of fabric, rags and clothing to sew used patchwork pieces into new–and now what we call garment–that were passed down through generations.

Boro Resale is a store for the shopper and it’s two-fold, Pranschke said. “I have a constantly changing selection of affordable quality and cool, used clothing and accessories that fit any budget. I also consign clothing and accessories for you, which earns you 40 percent of the selling price once items sell.” Pranschke also loves supporting local and small businesses so items from independent fashion designers and small batch companies find their way onto Boro’s racks.

“However, that no-label vintage P.S.154 shirt is also sweet, so bring that in to sell, too,” she said.

She likes to choose Boro’s pieces based on quality, condition, usability and interest, and she likes to curate the thrifting process for customers so that they don’t have to spend all day sifting through racks.

“You’ll be able to shop for work, event and chill outfits,” Pranschke said.

The inside is very welcoming as to not feel like a boutique where you feel like you can’t touch anything, and it also doesn’t look like a thrift store that will overwhelm you, either.

“It’s simple and refined, but comfortable,” she said. “And with lots of clothes.”

Boro Resale opens up on May 20 with a grand opening party, where Wolf Moon Mixers will serve up cocktails with a DJ and snacks. The party starts at 5 p.m. but the store is open all day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Check out Boro Resale on Facebook here and stop in and visit the shop at 1440 Gratiot Ave. 1A.

Photo credit: Boro Resale Facebook

Erica N Rakowicz/After 5


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