Bruna Camargo, the stylish figure behind Style-Mile, a popular fashion blog, takes her Brazilian roots and love for fashion to bring budding fashionistas (and those just looking for some style inspiration) all things fashion and fabulous, ever since launching the blog in 2012.

“I think that was kind of right around the time when I started shopping more and getting more into clothing and into different labels,” she said. “And obviously the internet is a huge place for inspiration.”

Camargo moved to Michigan in her teens and went on to study at the College for Creative Studies in advertising design. She graduated in 2011, started working, and continued admiring fashion, all while documenting her own looks via social media and with her friends.

And so…Style-Mile was born out of her desire to document her overflowing wardrobe, Camargo said.

Camargo has a pretty long art background, studying not only design and advertising, but her courses also taught her more about writing, photography and making it all cohesive.

In a creative aspect, she likes to work for herself, and Style-Mile presented the perfect opportunity for her to take the reins.

“I wanted to do something where I was directing myself and creating stuff from start to finish,” she said. “I like being my own boss.”

As for Style-Mile, the content is on the humorous side, as a way for Camargo to be honest in her storytelling. She makes sure to put thought into her posts by telling a story about her personal experiences with a brand or about how something made her feel throughout her day or week.

She said she keeps a more casual, approachable and welcoming tone with her writing and the style of her blog because she wants people to enjoy themselves reading it and “not feel guilty that they’re reading it there in their pajamas,” she said.

If you’re wondering how she gets these picture perfect moments, you can look no further than her photographer, Remy Roman, who can be found at remyroman.com. But don’t worry, she takes her own photos as well…those selfies aren’t taking themselves!

And where does a blogger go for inspiration? Camargo said Man Repeller, a fashion blog out of New York City, is her go-to, loving how they focus on current events, fashion, and social commentary, while staying poignant.

But just as she finds outside inspiration, outside inspiration also finds her. Through Style Mile, she’s partnered with brands like HP and singer Meghan Trainor, and most recently she was included in a photo shoot for Marie Claire Magazine.

The future looks like a progression toward Camargo’s ultimate goals and she’s confident she’s making the right strides.

“I know a lot of blogs are evolving into more of a hub situation where you go more for trends and that’s what I want to get to eventually and right now I’m trying to focus on one thing at a time,” she said.

“I like keeping my content a little bit more piecemeal so it keeps you coming back.”

Check out her blog at style-mile.com and follow Camargo on social @bruntunes on Instagram and StyleMile on Facebook.

Erica N. Rakowicz/After 5


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