BTS @ WDET with Michelle Srbinovich

BTS @ WDET with Michelle Srbinovich

From Digital Content Specialist to General Manager, Michelle Srbinovich is shaping Detroit radio

When Michelle Srbinovich applied to be the WDET Digital Content Community Specialist in 2009, she didn’t even listen to public radio.  Her passion to promoting good causes and her commitment to learning radio quickly propelled her to the top spot at the station. When the General Manager moved on to a new opportunity in 2013, Michelle was asked to take on the role of co-interim general manager. Within a year she assumed the role as General Manager. WDET has a storied 65+ year history and Michelle has worked to raise its profile in the community and demonstrate the station’s value to Detroit.

The people on our staff have been reporting for a long time, they know the city. Part of our role is to be a bridge. Help people connect with the city and help them understand the history, complexities and nuances of Detroit.

WDET’s mission is to be the authentic voice of Detroit and its programming aims to empower the community and move Detroit forward. It’s a mission Michelle has adopted to guide her leadership style as general manager. She’s worked to create a culture of respect, inclusivity and diversity at the station to inspire her staff to feel connected to and passionate about their work. It’s a feeling she hopes listeners share when they tune in.

People talk about giving voice to the community. The community already has a voice but they don’t always get heard. We’re about passing the mic and making sure people in our community are heard.

Unlike most public radio stations, WDET plays to both sides of the brain, it airs news and music and we love it! We asked Michelle to share what she loves on the station and, even though it’s like picking a favorite child, she highlighted a few favorites below.


michelle’s favorite(s): Detroit Today + Radio Lab

Stephen Henderson (host of Detroit Today) is very rational and it’s great to have someone you know and who’s in the city provide you with a local perspective and let you hear other people’s ideas so you can form your own opinion.
Radio Lab is my favorite national show. I met Jab a couple years ago and he’s exactly what you think he is. He’s really curious and when you see his passion for sharing knowledge or asking questions, it’s really inspiring. 
  • This Island Earth with Ismael Ahmed // I love global music and there’s really no where else in Detroit you can hear the music Ishmael is playing.
  • Culture Shift with Amanda LeClaire // We try to help you not just listen to music that’s great but give you context for what you’re hearing. Amanda gives you history and knowledge about the music you’re hearing for the first time or the 100th time. Next year, we’re going to also share content from local storytellers to offer more diverse perspectives and train another generation of public radio story makers and producers.
  • Morning Edition // Tells me what I need to know as I get ready for my day. It’s nice to have someone I trust let me know what’s important and to get an idea of what’s happening in the world.


Here’s  WDET  program schedule 


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