Dana Frost, a Detroit transplant from Virginia, dedicates her profession to helping women feel and look their best through her styling services and fashion blog, The Closet Confessional.

Frost graduated from a small liberal arts college with an English degree and took a chance on a boy who moved to Detroit for work. Ten years, a marriage, a few jobs and a cancer diagnosis later, and the duo is still in the city, both pursuing their passions and enjoying long walks on the riverfront with their dog.

As an introvert and a creative type, Frost found that flexibility in her schedule was exactly what she needed to make serious moves within her business plan.

A while back, after leaving the marketing world, she launched a fashion blog, dabbled in fashion writing and used that as her creative outlet, while still working part time in media. However, during all of the changes, she was still dreaming of how her styling business might take off.

Throughout Frost’s professional progression, she was diagnosed with cancer. Ultimately, she decided she was going to take her passion to the next level and go all in.

“It was a very scary moment deciding to do this,” she said. “I’ve been pretty practical my whole life.” Her risk was very much out of her comfort zone, but her family and friends provided ultimate support.

Frost officially launched her website, The Closet Confessional, this summer, but initially started generating buzz by word of mouth, referrals and friends and family.

“There are people that want me to do this,” she said.

Helping the business professional take their closet from drap to fab, office wear to drinks wear, Frost also opens her styling services to high school seniors for their portrait shoots, family photo shoots, and more.

Photographers often call on Frost to style shoots for them and they tend to be a bit more high fashion, which allows Frost to tap into a multitude of her interests and go runway-bold.

“It’s grown organically,” said Frost.

The goal of Frost’s styling services is to create a wardrobe that truly embodies personal style.

“I want to help people figure out what works for them now,” she said.



Frost raids your closet and creates looks you never knew existed behind the cluttered doors, and best of all, she leaves you with a look book as a guide when she’s done giving you your tools to navigate fashion.


A three day service that begins with sorting through your closet, identifying what items you truly need to boost the style you already have, purchasing them, and then styling the looks in person with an additional look book for reference.

*Frost goes the extra mile on this service and pre-shops for you so that you can jump right in the dressing room and skip the sometimes daunting idea of shopping.


This service guides you through an entire year- preparing for events, keeping your closet tame and tailored, staying current with the seasons and making sure you’re set with style at the turn of the weather. Frost keeps you on track with a specific look book but also checks in every 90 days to update your wardrobe with you.

At the end of the day it’s about what a client needs, she said.

“Whether you have a closet full of clothes and no idea how to style them or are in need of a complete wardrobe overhaul, I can help. I’ll help you define your own personal style, organize your current closet, and shop in a way that makes sense with your life.”

Check out Frost’s services and fashion blog at www.closet-confessional.com and follow her on social media.

Written by Erica N. Rakowicz / Photo credit: Facebook


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