Take a deep breath and let your senses be immersed in the extraordinary smells of Detroit Rose – a local candle company created by entrepreneur, Deirdre Skiles.

At first, Deidre made candles as a hobby as she lived throughout NYC and LA, but with the exciting transitions happening in Detroit, she moved back with the intention to pursue her passion and put her creative touch into making candles.

But these aren’t just your regular ole’ candles. Each one is carefully hand poured into mason jars and made with a different exotic soy wax and scent. They’re handcrafted candles that are not only beautiful in their simplicity, but are also long lasting and non-toxic. They burn for a lengthy 60-72 hours and are completely eco-friendly. They are also hand poured to order…but think about what scent you want, because she’s got plenty to choose from.

Sure, some of them are your standard scents – Vanilla, Lavender and Lemongrass – but she’ll also open your eyes to scents that you would have never thought about – like, Cedar, Pipe Tobacco and Leather.

With each candle comes another one of Deirdre’s passions, a passion for words and poetry, as each is sealed with a recyclable label featuring a poem or quote by some of the best writers and poets.

As you meet her selling her candles in Eastern Market every Saturday, you quickly realize how passionate and excited she is for you to enjoy the fruits of her labor. From bringing comfort in a home, to creating a relaxing space after a stressful day, Deidre’s candles are meant to enrich people’s lives.

She’s already been recognized by Shinola’s sister store, Willy’s, with candles on their shelves for sale.  As Detroit Rose continues to grow in Detroit, Deidre also hopes to have her candles take off in cities all over the country. But with Deidre’s passion of candle making and love of bringing people comfort, there’s no stopping the inevitable success of Detroit Rose.

Visit her on Facebook, or buy online at Etsy!

Written By: Madeline Doman / Photo Credit: Facebook


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