This one is for the ladies. Femology, a business lounge for women, is something Detroit has been waiting a long time for and now, there’s finally a space for women to collaborate, grow, socialize, and  make the most of their talents.

Meagan Ward of Creatively Flawless and business partner and friend Ashleigh Brock dreamed up the idea for Femology sometime in the spring of 2017.  Both women are Michigan natives. Their determination and power led to a July 2017 grand opening and now, Detroit women are invited to build their dreams at Femology.

“We felt a need to create a space…something that looked like a home away from home,” Brock said.

Ward and Brock actually met in a coffee shop, and both agreed the noise and the environment wasn’t necessarily conducive to productivity and inspiration.

“We collaborated over the passion and love for women entrepreneurs,” Brock said.

Ward and Brock wanted to create a space where women could bring their laptops, sip coffee, take a break to read books for inspiration written by powerful women, meet new friends and business partners, feel comfortable, and be productive and feel empowered. The interior is almost something out of your calmest dreams, with work spaces near big windows, a soft pink theme with bold nature green, and calm gold chrome accents. There are also plants placed carefully throughout the space for a comfortable, homey feel and there are also flamingo accent lights and decorations to bring it all together. 

At Femology, women can choose from three different membership packages. The day pass is called the “fem-builder” and it grants one full-day access to the business lounge, access to the conference room, wifi, AppleTV, coffee and tea, snacks and discounted rental rates and workshops events, for $25.

Women can also choose from the “fem-preneur” or the “fem-leader”. In addition to unlimited access to the business lounge, fem-preneurs can enjoy discounted rental rates and day passes, FEMember workshops and events, the FEMember directory and have access to the Facebook group. Fem-leaders have the opportunity to enjoy all of the above in addition to using Femology as their business address for their personal mailbox in the space and take advantage of two hours of event space rental for a workshop or social meeting per month.

Eventually, Ward and Brock plan to develop individual business spaces for women to use more permanently, and they also plan to support local retail brands by women in their very own retail space. Femology will also host a number of empowering and insightful workshops and events as time goes on.

Visit www.femologydetroit.com for more information on membership and more. Follow Femology on Instagram at @femologydetroit. Femology is located at 553 E. Jefferson inside of the Charles Trombly House.

Erica N Rakowicz/After 5

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