Flowers of Vietnam Brings It Home with Reopening


Flowers of Vietnam Brings It Home with Reopening

Southwest Detroit’s Flowers of Vietnam is back and better than ever with some of the most flavorful dishes you’ll ever find and five nights of service, Wednesday through Sunday from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Unless you’ve been spending your weekends under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Vietnamese pop-up that began as one night a week and evolved as a full weekend pop-up that was making magic in Southwest Detroit out of the long standing Vernor Coney Island. The Flowers of Vietnam concept, launched by Southwest Detroit native George Azar, has drawn wild attention and was dubbed one of the “Best Restaurants in America 2017” by GQ Magazine, in addition to being named one of the Detroit Free Press’ “Best New Restaurants 2017”.

Flowers of Vietnam doesn’t share their Vernor Coney Island space anymore, it’s all theirs, but they did keep the light up sign that has lit up the storefront for years and years.

From when you’re greeted upon entry to when you sit down and listen to the kind and knowledgeable Flowers of Vietnam team explain the menu, to when you receive your first dish hot from the kitchen to when you visit the bathroom, this place is a full experience. Yes, we said bathroom. You walk in there and have the option to be entertained by a ceiling-to-floor projection of photos as if the whole place is made of moving art parts.

Standout dishes include Azar’s Caramel Chicken Wings which will literally make your mouth water and your fingers sticky. The crispy rice under their Cơm Tấm dish is as good as you’d guess, accompanied by grilled pork chop, Chinese sausage, sugarcane shrimp and a sunny side egg. The combo of Chinese sausage, shrimp and pork chop is overwhelming in the tastiest way possible. To end the night, you can order their extremely rich Egg Cream Coffee they offer for dessert. Try it spiked with bourbon, if you dare.

As for cocktails and beverages, you can order from their menu of rotating drink creations, beers and wines from around the world, and their menu of drinks made by other people, where they showcase drinks from other cocktail geniuses around. The Green Suede Gatorade (a Flowers of Vietnam original cocktail) is in popular demand over there and we get it. With its refreshing taste, cool color and light citrus tang, it will remind you of early springtime.

Another touch of hospitality they throw in on your way out is a blue glossy covered chocolate bonbon. Flowers of Vietnam had Detroit chocolate makers Guilt Chocolates make them their own special candy, reminiscent of their Egg Cream Coffee.

Azar has spent his more recent years in kitchens all over the world, building his experience and gearing up to open his own restaurant with his own take on Vietnamese food right in his neighborhood. He’s worked at Alinea in Chicago, Bouchon in Las Vegas, and recently worked with Noma during its pop-up in Tulum, Mexico.

Flowers of Vietnam
4430 W. Vernor Highway, Detroit, MI 48209
Wednesday -Sunday: 5pm to midnight


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