Have you heard about the halfpipe popping up in the lobby of the historic Fisher Building? That’s right, we said halfpipe. Everard Findlay, a global thought leader dedicated to fostering understanding and innovation across the public, private and NGO fields, is behind this strange and interesting project, called Fisher Beacon Project #2.

The project, slated to run from April 3-6, was created to explore the ways that certain sports, particularly skateboarding and BMX, transcend barriers like race, class and culture to create community.

The Fisher Beacon Project #2 was curated by Everard Findlay, founder of MKR City and Chief Innovation Officer of The Platform. The halfpipe is supposed to bring BMX riders, skateboarders and the curious public together to find common ground within one of the most beautiful buildings in Detroit.

The halfpipe, for skateboarders and BMX riders, is inside the main arcade of the Fisher Building. For those less daring, you can walk through the gateways beneath the halfpipe and watch the skaters as they do their thing. If you’ve ever stood inside the Fisher Building, you know that it’s already a sight to see, so adding this moving piece to the place only adds excitement.

The halfpipe is open to the public from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. daily from April 3 to 6 and hosted by the Fisher Building.

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Stop by and see what all the commotion is about at 3011 W. Grand Boulevard.

Photo credit: MKR City/Everard Findlay

Erica N Rakowicz/After 5

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