Kacee Must, 31, of Bloomfield Hills, has been practicing yoga since she was 12 years-old and now she’s opened two of her own studios, one in Royal Oak and the other in Detroit, and they go by the well-known name of Citizen Yoga.

Must went to college at Northwestern University and went on to study yoga in India for 2.5 years. But it was upon her return to the Detroit area, where her inspiration to open a studio really flourished.

In India, Must studied Vedanta, which is one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy. The concept focuses on knowledge while the yoga aspect works toward a marriage of both a physical and mental calming.

“They go hand in hand,” Must said.

Must’s days start early and end late. She’s up by 5:30 a.m. most mornings to teach her first class at 7 a.m. She spends the rest of the day working on the business of Citizen Yoga, such as marketing plans, personnel management, branding and day-to-day tasks. Must then also teaches one or two classes at night, wrapping at around 10:30 p.m most days.

“I’m like a working freak of nature,” she said.

Must and her team first opened the Royal Oak studio in August of 2013.

“The quality of people in Detroit attracted me,” Must said. “They’re the kind of customer I want to have.”

After exploring options throughout the city, Must opened up Citizen Yoga Detroit on Library Street in January 2015.

The studio and its classes are geared toward all levels of yogis. Whether you’re very experienced or you’re learning to advance, Must and her team of instructors have something for you to enjoy.

Must and Citizen Yoga hope to break ground and build a community around a universal practice.

The young timeline of Citizen Yoga certainly hasn’t stopped the studio’s ability to network and pull of grand events like their well known Breathe and Brunch, with the help of The Eastern in Eastern Market, and Yoga at the Big House on the turf at University of Michigan Stadium.

“I like a good challenge,” Must said. “I like to take risks.”

Must is very active on social media for Citizen Yoga, posting photos of classes, store merchandise, traveling instructors and more. She even posts recipes, lifestyle suggestions and she introduces new instructors to her community.

“We developed a community that’s far beyond what we could have ever imagined in the studio,” Must said.

As Citizen Yoga’s owner, Must has experienced a slew of new happenings since the studio’s overall launch back in 2013. She’s found that learning how to ebb and flow as the challenges surrounding owning a business occur as well as connecting with her community have been the most rewarding experiences so far.

Must can be found in one of her two studios, on the road or working on business at Great Lakes Coffee in Midtown and outside at Campus Martius, when the weather is nice. Her schedule keeps her too busy for much else, but thankfully, she really loves what she does.

Written by Erica N. Rakowicz / Photo Credit: Facebook


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