Live & Raw is a new free music showcase that requires participating musicians to strip down to their most raw and real sound on a live stage at locations across Detroit. The artists who perform are up-and-coming and Michigan-based, with acts unplugged and in their purest form of music.

This new showcase of local talent is an extension of Fanic Music, a Detroit-based startup founded by Anthony Curis of favorites Library Street Collective, Standby and The Skip, and Waref Hawasli, both Detroit natives.

“Our purpose is to provide a music platform that will represent the undiscovered and emerging music community,” Hawasli said of Fanic.

Fanic is currently in its final stages of development, Hawasli said, and the Live & Raw extension first launched in July 2016 with shows continuing throughout the rest of the summer and into the fall.

“Live & Raw embodies everything about Detroit’s resurgence and is a natural extension of Detroit’s DNA,” Hawasli said. “The obvious reality is Detroit has always been known as a city filled with talented, driven, hard-working and ambitious individuals, however, never really getting the positive exposure it deserved.”

Every artist involved with Live & Raw supports the next one up, Hawasli said.

“It’s truly an inspiring act of respect we wish the world could emulate. Our task isn’t that difficult because Michigan already has a strong music history and community filled with talented musicians, entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals willing to support one another.”

Wanting it to function as a community effort in full, after the first showcase, Fanic reached out to the local community for artist recommendations, Hawasli said.

“The best part about Live & Raw is the curation of talent,” he said. “Before we started Live & Raw we agreed that we would curate from within. Meaning we would lean on the artists.”

Live & Raw showcases are free to the public and typically begin around 3 p.m. on scheduled Sunday afternoons. Upcoming performances are as follows:

Sunday, August 14th
Location: The Skip
Price: Free
Time: 3PM
Artists: ISLA with Daniel Monk, L.A.Z. and James Linck

Sunday, August 28th
Location: The Skip
Price: Free
Time: 3PM
Artists: Emilie Vincent, Jackson & the Poolsharks and Greater Alexander

More performances are scheduled for the following dates: 9/11- Location TBD; 9/25- Location TBD; 10/9- Location TBD; 10/24- Location TBD.

Footage of past performances can be found here. To stay up to date on news, videos and performance additions, follow Fanic on Facebook.

Due to COVID-19, most events and venues have been cancelled and closed.

We will continue to keep you updated on events as they resume their normal scheduling.

In the meantime, we highly suggest you confirm the dates and details
for each event with the venue itself prior to attending.