Lovelytheband @ Mo Pop

Lovelytheband @ Mo Pop

Following the success of their hit single “broken”, Los Angeles- based band lovelytheband is finding themselves on a fast track to success.  The band, made up of singer Mitchy Collins, guitarist Jordan Greenwald and drummer Sam Price, is set to release their new album, ‘finding it hard to smile’ on Aug. 3.

Fans of lovelytheband know them for their infectious sound, and honest lyrics hinging on loneliness, as well as universal struggles faced in everyday life.

After finishing a busy spring touring schedule with Vance Joy and AWOLNATION, lovelytheband played a set at MoPop this past weekend before heading on to Chicago to play Lollapalooza on Aug. 4.  After 5 Detroit caught up with the band after their set to talk about all things music, touring and more.

So the red lipstick print- is there any meaning behind it? 
Greenwald: I don’t think there really was initially.

Collins: Not initially.

Price: It’s kind of associated with the word lovely.  I always thought it was cool

Greenwald: I know the answer, are you ready? We love kisses.

Collins: There you go, thats it.

For people who don’t really know your music, how would you describe your sound?
Collins: We’re the best band you’ll ever hear. [laughs] No-

Greenwald: I always say its very cinematic.

Collins: Cinematic in a sense that its taken my whole life to make this album.  We made this over the last two years, and a lot of the songs are just about life stuff, human stuff, just stuff you deal with in everyday life and so cinematic is a good word for it.  Its the theme songs to my life, anyways.

Price: We put a lot of ourselves into it.  None of us have ever released an album, separate or together, so its monumental for us.  We’re really excited.

What should fans who have not seen you guys live expect at a lovelytheband show?
Collins: I guess you’ll have to come to a show.

Greenwald: Likeminded people, how about that?

A lot of your lyrics have an honest quality to them, do you think that attracts fans to your music?

Collins: I’d like to think so.  The reaction and the connection that people have had to ‘broken’ especially has been beautiful.  I think an important part of songwriting is, that’s how it was for me anyways when I was a kid and growing up and falling in love with music for the first time. An important part of songwriting is saying things that people might not know how to, or might be scared to, and making people realize and believe that you’re not alone in those feelings and there’s people out there just like you.

As you have started to put out more music, you have started to generate a larger fanbase; what was it like to play a festival like MoPop?
Collins: It was crazy.  I said on stage, the last time we played Michigan was in December of last year, and we played the Loving Touch in Ferndale and there was like 75 people there.  Here we played for a few thousand.  So watching things grow and everyone know all the songs- and not just the singles, but the deep cuts on our EP and the songs we put out that are coming out on the album has been awesome.  MoPop has been great.  I was born here, so being back in Michigan is always really cool for me.

You guys are playing Lollapalooza next week, are you excited to play a major festival such as that which draws so many people?
Collins: Festival season is the best season, we’re lucky enough to get to do a bunch of them this year, and Lolla is just like MoPop.  It’s going to be crazy.

Greenwald: We’re playing the same stage as Dua Lipa, and I really love her a lot. So I’m excited to see her play.

What is your favorite part about touring and going to all of these different cities?
Collins: Food. And exploring.  We’re a new band, so we’re hitting all of these cities for the first time and we never know what to expect.  This was an exception, it was our second time here, but seeing the cities and never knowing what to expect at the show.

You guys are an L.A. based band, does the city have any influence on your sound?
Greenwald: Totally, even to a specific line and multiple places.

Price: I think its hard to be in L.A. and not have some, in a place like that, influence on your life.  Especially music.

Greenwald: I also think L.A. is a place where we are exposed to so many different types of music and so many different types of people.  So I think that translates to the sound of the band.

Who are your musical influences? 
Price: When we get asked about influences, we all listen to so much music as we grew up and lived in L.A. and New York, that all kinds of music are coming out of it and accepted there, and widely accepted, so influences are always hard to pick.  We love [Dermot Kennedy] right now, and we watched Bon Iver last night and Daniel Caesar, Billie Eilish, Portugal. The Man later.

What can fans expect in the future, besides the new album?
Collins: [the band releases an new album] on Friday.  We have a headline tour coming up, we’re going to Europe and the U.K. for the first time.  A lot of touring.  We’re excited to get more festivals.  We have a good end of the year planned.  Our headline tour, we start that in August, next month, so come to a show.

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