Michael Dedenbach, the owner of Detroit Clothing Circles, has been offering his thrifted finds at pop-ups and markets for the past three years and now opened doors to his Second Avenue shop for fashion lovers and deal seekers alike.

Detroit Clothing Circles is the city’s newest resale shop, carrying gems from all over, for both men and women.

Dedenbach does all the shopping himself to decide what will adorn the racks.

“Everything goes through my hands,” said Dedenbach.

Dedenbach grew up in a middle class home out in Macomb Township and told everyone at age 12 that he would one day own a clothing store.

“I’m a pretty big dreamer,” he said.

Throughout the years and throughout his plentiful travels, Dedenbach realized his taste in clothing never failed but everything seemed to be raising in price.

“I can never afford $200 jeans but we should all be able to have them,” he said.

Since Dedenbach’s move to the city, he’s spent time researching trends in the fashion business, statistics surrounding mall brand sales and even what makes a shopping experience most comfortable to an individual.

His goal is not to bombard people with items but to pre-sift through the seemingly infinite possibilities out there and bring in the most special and affordable steals to his customers.

“It’s more of putting up 100 great items in the store instead of having 1,000 items,” he said.

His shop is a labor of love and giving back to the community is really important to the store and the brand.

“I want to be a part of the community too, so I want you to not spend all your money here but go down the street and get lunch at Selden Standard,” said Dedenbach.

The shop itself is bright with large windows and lights that illuminate the carefully arranged racks, tables and accessory areas, all dressed with reclaimed wood and industrial piping from Michigan. There’s plenty of space to shuffle around and it’s separated by room with men’s and women’s items, including shoes, hats, bags, dresses, bottoms, tops and more.

“I created time to do all that and wanted to give it to people for what I think is an affordable price,” he said. “I hope that brings in repeat customers instead of that one big sale.”

Dedenbach’s research shows that there has been a huge drop in mall brands like J. Crew and Gap because people are finding they want a more personalized style.

“People are tending to find a beautiful pair of contemporary jeans that fit them perfectly and they love this retro shirt that no one has and now they have this beautiful one-of-a-kind look and years ago we only saw them in magazines. Now you can have that look for a fraction of what that used to cost and I think that’s awesome,” he said.

The future of Detroit Clothing Circles looks like possible styling sessions with personal customer profiles, creative programming, community outreach and more.

Dedenbach and his team anticipate joining forces with local smaller designers to offer a bit of retail on the shelves as well.

“I want to be able to offer looks for anybody, no matter what their style is,” he said.

Visit the store’s Facebook page to keep up to date with the expanding hours as the concrete opening date approaches early next month.

You can visit Detroit Clothing Circles on the corner of Second Ave. and Alexandrine St.

Writte by Erica N. Rakowicz / Photo credit: Facebook


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