Haven’t quite kept up with those New Year’s goals of getting into shape? Can’t stomach getting on another treadmill inside another giant gym?

Mike Hackett claims his newest Royal Oak opening, Syphus Training, is the ‘hardest workout’ you find around town.

The idea of Syphus officially started in July of 2010, Hackett said, and it became a business in January 2011 before opening up his first physical location in St. Clair Shores in July of 2012.

Hackett graduated from Adrian College where he received both a bachelor’s degree in English and exercise science. Straight out of college, he got a job working at a gym as a personal trainer. He gathered a following once he started high-level workouts on AstroTurf that also involved a competitive aspect.

Syphus Training challenges individuals to a list of physical tasks that are to be completed for a score. The scores generated are tabulated in a company-wide database to provide a comprehensive statistical look at fitness progression for athlete comparison on the turf.

Syphus Training is different than a gym, Hackett said. Instead, they refer to the space they exercise at as turf.

“We want to differentiate ourselves from the dogma of the word gym,” Hackett said. “We are in fact a sport. No machines. No mirrors. Just a wide open field and a game to play. The word turf just makes sense.”

The immediate goal of Syphus Training is to show others how fun and effective the sport can be for both gym rats and new fitness lovers alike, Hackett said.

“Some may say that the daily variety of workouts is what makes it so enticing while others may say it’s the unique exercises or even the scoring system,” Hackett said. “I would contest that it is the environment of Syphus Training. I have never been a part of a more supportive bunch of individuals all working towards a common goal – living a healthier life – and that’s a contagious feeling.”

The future of the sport includes national expansion, Hackett said. He also hopes that workout statistics generated through the Syphus Training ROQ system and database will give exercisers a glimpse into their true fitness age.

“My dream is that an ROQ can someday help people lower insurance premiums and allow the every-man to continuously physically compete for something meaningful other than vanity,” Hackett said.

In his free time, when he’s not exercising, Hackett likes to cook for his wife Meredith and his son Logan as he said they’re his source of strength and laughter.

Hackett likes visiting the Henry Ford Museum with his son and he loves the serenity of the Edsel and Eleanor Ford Estate. He also said he can never turn down a meal at Vinsetta Garage.

“Can you tell we live in the Motor City?”

The new Royal Oak location for Syphus Training is set to open in early 2016. The new turf will sit at 30371 Woodward Ave.

Visit syphustraining.com for more information and for directions to other Syphus Training turf.

Erica N. Rakowicz/After 5

Photo Credit: Facebook


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