Born and raised in the Detroit area, Nicole Aimee Schreiber is now one of six LA comics that Oxygen Media is following in their new series, “Funny Girls.”

This series takes audiences backstage at some of LA’s underground comedy clubs to show what goes into creating a standup performance. The women work day jobs to pay the bills while they hustle to get on an open mic at night, honing their sets and learning from comedy greats, said Rod Aissa, Executive Vice President of Original Programming and Development, Oxygen Media.

Two episodes in (series premiered on April 7th) and they’ve already got a hit. But what would you expect when you follow the personal and professional lives of six female comics trying to make their way up the comedy ladder. It’s an hour packed with one liners, stand-up shows and a comedy of errors associated with dating, working multiple jobs, and in Nicole’s case, “a life of constant disappointment to her overachieving Jewish mother.”

Despite her “Class Clown” award in High School, her path to comedy certainly wasn’t a straight line. With a degree from University of Michigan in pre-med and art history, followed by international sales in the fashion industry, everything looked so…stable.

But making jokes at the water cooler just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Who needs financial stability, when you can stand on a stage, make people laugh, chase the high and be absolutely inappropriate with no fear of losing your job.

Now she’s five years in and Oxygen is making it possible to laugh alongside her jokes every Tuesday night. However, she’s still considered a ‘baby’ in the comedy world, and as Nicole puts it, “I’m still learning to walk and shitting my pants a lot.”

And who wouldn’t be when you’re telling jokes on national TV. But it’s a good thing she’s got a full repertoire of jokes on her favorites subjects of sex, dating, farts, poop…and did I mention sex. And let’s just say, if you’ve ever been mean to her, there’s a joke in there somewhere about you too.

So now, other than the TV gig, she’s waitressing, nude modeling, basically anything short of prostitution (which she hasn’t ruled out yet either) to make it big in L.A. But she certainly seems on the right path in this hilarious new show, “Funny Girls.”

Don’t miss it, every Tuesday 9pm ET/PT on Oxygen Channel – 6 more episodes to go!  Click here to watch old episodes.

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